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(Notice it's outside Principius)

Juan Rossi  piano solos in Asunción Flores and Hermínio Giménez

Trompo Arasa, Juan Jose and Gallito Cantor playing live, in singer Márcio Valle's recital by Juan Rossi, when at Bertioga - São Paulo - in May 9 of 2009. Used devices: Kurzweill KME64, Tokai TX5 Organ Plus, Minami Pedalbass, Acer Celeron Laptop with Colossus Plugin, Edirol UA-4fx Audio Interface and Stay keyboard stand and a reasonable straight piano, together to great Márcio's Roland reinforcement.  Enjoy!

Juan Rossi in Piazzolla solosJuaNonino

Juan Rossi's piano solo in Bertioga, 2009, in SESC's (Commerce Social Services of São Paulo) chapel, together to a Márcio Valle's recital. Used devices: like above and an old straight piano. I'm doing my own versions for Solitude and Adiós Nonino. Also enjoy whether you like it!

I'm at a Beach Cultural Center in São Paulo accompanying Márcio Valle with my Kurzweill KME64 in a folklorikal inspired song named "When she speaks",an unknown brazilian one.

Juan Rossi at keyboard

Hey! I had 1 minute to talk about my reasons to want to go to a travel to Mars in 2020 with no return, but  after  more  than  100,000 candidates and just less than 1,500 classified,  including   me,  I  wasn't   chosen   at   all.   Pity!!

Mars One Project lost after all...

At the epoch of Brazilian Cup, I went to Rio de Janeiro to play together to Flavio Sandoval's group   - he's in the middle -   in CBF Museum.

CBF Musician in Rio


Video multitrack recording done in August, 8, 2018, in Ramón Studio, São Paulo, of a rearrangement of original 5-voice piece for choir named ÁIVLIS by Juan Rossi. Specially done to Samsung instrumental e-festival.


Video multitrack recording done in December of 2018, in Ramón Studio, São Paulo,  of  an original quartet piece named SMAM by Juan Rossi.  Second authoral work of nowadays by Juan Rossi & Principius. 

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