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What's Juan Rossi & Principius?

Hey! I was thin as a kid and very shy,  but I liked  to  read alone books of Astronomy in English and did  thousands   of    colored    and    black-and-white  drawings   all about technology,  monsters, robots, many extraterrestrials and newborn languages.   I'd  rather  wanted  to  solder  own miniaturized transistor IC   (by  seventies??).

By 8, I won a vertical piano and later heard Mozart's Concerto Ner 20 for piano and orchestra - in a 78 rpm - and I quickly quit Popular. I knew Earl  Grant  after 18 and got passionate about organ, Jazz  and  Prog. Won a Farfisa Duo with a Leslie. In 82, I did some of my music and started to think about a special group - besides  those I participated for.  I  went  with  Jorge  Peña, percussionist,   Haas, flutist, and  Toninho  Brevis, guitarrist,   to    Maestro  Diogo  Pacheco's        Tv  Cultura program,   in black-and-white,  and  this  was shockingly interesting to me!

Well, well, well, after Tv, many years have gone and with Nahame in drums and Haas in flute we  then  played   in   Brazilian   House Museum,  together to   a   pictures   exposition,   and  my  brother  helped   to  put  sound  to function, as I've used a Revox reel with recorded sounds.    Many   years  have  passed again and  I've  created white gowns  to  all  musicians  and tried uselesly to pay them.  We did 2 recitals in  a newborn italian culture house but there weren't enough people viewing and I had myself to pay them a minimum, to my desperation!!   Since  then,   I've   dreaming    all days   of   my   life  about  doing Principius;  who knows  I shall  still  have many chances not so far from me in future??

It's more than an idea-l,  Principius of things, by  making  new music around one musician, Juan Rossi, cleanly

Principius is in its way!
Cultura Tv Diogo's Program!
Give up? What for??
A total of 4 Principius recitals!

thought and           over-elaborated.

Musician Juan Rossi was born!
Yuhuu! Hi!

Published Jan 01, 1966

Published Jan 01, 1988

Published Jan 01, 2014

 Hi, everybody. In 2015 received my new Mojo and nowadays, just 2 weeks ago, decided - after studying indoors enoughly - to show it in 2 recitals along with my band. People got astonished as it sounded!! I was astonished as well, having this marvel played through 4 P.A. Yamaha class D - 1100W!! Leslie bouncing off the stage walls and pedals in subwoofers sounded marvelously stupendous, almost unbelievable!
Well, have come more to external problems that with internal Mojo ones, which were:
1) Hammond XPK-200L, with just 20 notes, has been a not so adequate pedalboard, because of distances among pedals, greater than in a standard 25-note;
2) In my old Celeron Acer laptop has been difficult to find a good sounding ASIO of Roland 48KHz-24bit UA4-fx, with a Native Colossus formidable plugin, happily arriving to a 35 ms position, without clicks, interruptions or exaggerated latency;
3) Position of organ bench height and distance to volume pedal and my chair height have been critical, also not allowing precise pedalboard movements at all;
4) My 2 chinese P.A. 80W just didn't add profound basses nor flat Hammond sounds on them;
5) In my newly renewed speakers of old JBL Control 1 Mojo sounded specially realistic, in spite of speakers getting worse because of pedals, not possibly allowing me to use them in practice.
Well, that's all, folks. As everybody, I'm aware it's a XP Embedded Core Duo computer in Mojo and always feel fear of it possibly not functioning anyday!


Published Mar 26, 2018

Musician Juan Rossi faces the unknown!

Hi! Last days I dreamed about this new São Paulo contest and decided to pursue it, for, in last months, wasn't specially interested in it. Quickly - after too much therapy! - moved in an arrangement of my ÁIVLIS 1983's composition.

Incredibly, suffering and all - after a non-creativity well for decades -, got to make it for a band and recorded last August 8 in a rehearsal environment in 17 channels and in video format. Finally beginned my incursion in proper sound and group - putting it in Youtube also. Used drums, flute, guitar, bass and Mojo-Hammond midied to Colossus fantastic timbres of a choir! Let's see if all of this works. Today was one of my only happy three days of my usual depressive months in last years!! Good, if I died suddenly today I wouldn't care...

Published Aug 12, 2018


Samsung instrumental
 e-festival and a dream

Published Mar 26, 2018

Still more

As long as I've recorded this video clip, I've started in 20th of August to date a new person, after 22 years married to a 10-year friend and 6 long years alone!

Came also yesterday, November 22, a new video clip, of my composition named SMAM, of 84, for bass, Mojo, guitar, drums and flute, facing its appearance here in a while... My Vilaindianense Choir just some weeks ago have begun to record a CD and we've traveled to present us in Cantaterê choir festival, Rio de Janeiro, for excitement of little members of this group and their also singers parents, assuring great success in this new endeavor!

Published Nov 23, 2018

New video clip!!
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