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​​Juan Rossi & Principius

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Arranger, keyboardist, composer, choir conductor and musical education teacher, he was born in 1958, Brasil, presenting at 13 years his first piano compositions in São Paulo,  as  Ruth Fraracio's student.  At university passed by Electronics and Computers and studied with composers Koellreutter and Almeida Prado Harmony and Composition. Also did Electroacoustics and Computers with Pierre Boeswillwald, Conrado Silva and Michel Phillipot - in Contemporain Music Courses.  Followed classic piano with André Tadeu Muller, electronic organ with Antonio Lanhoso and Choir and Conducting with Koellreutter and Benito Juarez. Improvisation followed then with arranger Aluísio Pontes. At the time, his new Principius group played in a Diogo Pacheco's program - Cultura TV. Has then graduated in 1984 in Artistic Musical Education, having founded and conducted many children choirs in schools. From parents won a 12-channel environment, Referencial Studio, having recorded there and at shows with singers: Malcolm Roberts, Manolo Otero, Priscilla Ermel, Laura Finochiaro, Fernanda Porto, Vanusa, Hugo Santa Cruz, among many others. Played then Jazz and Popular Brazilian Music in dozens of nocturn houses.   In 1992,  launched solo CD of Bachianas Brasileiras from H. Villa-Lobos, for synthesizers, and has presented itself with his Principius group in Crossover music   (blending  Jazz,  Classical and Brazilian  music).   Was awarded by  Brazil's Musical Association for his continuous contribution to Music. In 2004, made his debut in orchestral live composition, having being soloist in piano at São Paulo's Municipal Prefecture.  He's been keyboardist/band leader of New group and second conductor of Centre Choir, Brazil . Conducted Embu's Way House Choirs and his Mexico Choir received 2nd place in a Teacher's Centre Contest, in São Paulo - having traveled with latter by Mexican Consulate till Brasília. His democratic school Amorim Lima's Vilaindianense Choir received in 2016 1st place with maximum grade. Also shared, lately, Luther King Choir as madrigalist by Italy and Paraguay - perfectioning Singing and Conducting -, having this group received best 2012 choir in São Paulo. He took a degree in Pedagogy and followed pos in Astronomy. Possesses ensemble, choral and orchestral compositions, with multiple arrangements, trying to deal - adequately - also with Hammond sonorities.





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